Chartered accountants of the Mounts of Lyon

Saint-Laurent de Chamousset

The chartered accountants and the team are at your disposal for any inquiries and to assist you with your accounting, social, legal and tax needs, as well as with your business creation project.

Meet the chartered accountant associates

Chartered accountant associates Saint-Laurent de Chamousset Firm

Alexandre Alix

Associate Chartered Accountant / Statutory Auditor

Bertrand Bieniek

Associate Chartered Accountant

Olivier Boisramé

Associate Chartered Accountant / Statutory Auditor

Chartered Accountant and auditor, I joined the firm in 2007 to become a partner in 2010. With a Master's degree in Business Evaluation and Transmission, I have a global approach to the strategy and the life of the corporate.

I have both a short- and long-term vision... I work in accounting in many activities sectors but i have an increased skills in insurance and catering-hotel.

''Open your mind and the world will open its doors to you''

Franck Colin

Associate Chartered Accountant / Statutory Auditor

Loïc Grange

Associate Chartered Accountant

Holder of the charterd accountant diploma, I support VSEs and SMEs in their inception and development.

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